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Black Talon: New Grounds
Chinese and friend’s vs US A volcano has erupted and formed a island 500km South of Taiwan.
Unknown but reliable sources have left cryptic messages to China about its location and that Taiwan forces are already enroute to claim.
Both groups land on opposite side of the island and fighting begins to claim the island for there country.
After a few weeks China begins to use mercenaries to fight on the Taiwanese forces, at that point the Taiwanese ask the United States for armed aid.
Not wanting to start World War 3. After the NATO defeat in Russia. The United States hire mercenaries from there own land and sends them to the island to Aid Taiwan.
Fighting rages on for ownership of this new island.
A third group known as the Black Talon have been spotted sabotaging both forces and eliminating Officers. No one know why they are acting in this way, but they are to be considered hostile.