Northern Strike Paintball/Airsoftt



NATOs operation in Ukraine was successful and pushed the Russians out of the area. With a landing in place and Russians on the back foot, NATO forces have started moving towards the Russian mainland. NATO and Russia have formed fronts after a few months with no change in the lines of war. NATO has been given coordinates from an unknown source of a weak point in the Russian lines at the small city of Zhilino. The source proved to be helpful after a small recon team confirmed the report. A battle group was sent to secure the area. Days later Russia had received a similar report saying NATO forces are setting up a staging area in the city of Zhilino where some of their missile silos are. With the GRU undergoing restructuring after their massive loss in Operation Liberation, and with high value missile silos hanging in the balance, Russia has no choice but to send in their Spetsnaz team and begin Operation New Order.
With the constant conflict between two of the world super powers, the UN has kept quiet about most of the fighting. But some of the other council country’s members have put together their security funds to purchase the help of Black Talon to ensure the enforcement of the Geneva Convention and to stop the use of nuclear weapons, with hopes of ending this war once and for all.

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